Tria Wen
The Lunchroom at 416
Maggie Lam
Mother Knows Best
Shizue Seigel
Brian Nguyen
The Customer
Vivian Qin
2 Char Siu Baos, 6 Wontons, 1 Egg Tart, and a 7UP
Willow Woo
A Collection of Lunchbox Moments
Kim-Vi Tran
The Taste of Labor and Love
Nicole Doan
Secret Menu
Grace Hwang Lynch
Cultural Interloper
Stephen Li
Goddess of Rice and the Rice Sack “Noren”
Lucien Kubo
Show and Tell
Doanan Phan
Viz Valley
James Cerenio
Made With Love
Celine Lota
No Lunchbox Moments Here ... Except at Home
Tamiko Wong
Too Many White Guys: How Taiwanese Food Got In the Way of My Relationships
Christine Hsu
Wrapped with Love, Eaten with Shame
American Chinese Restaurant
Daisy Lee
Terracotta Dream
Kingston Xu
Sounds About Right
Lydia Kim
Ingrid Lai
I don’t want to tell you what’s for lunch
Danielle Laprise
Paratha Play
Mansi Goel
Ashley Hampton
Nancy Hom